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The versatility of the decor variety enables innovative design variants with contemporary natural properties and designs.

Here you will find the newLogocatalogue 2020 with cork decors in the next days.

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Stylishly and ecologically, cork material (cork leather) can be used to manufacture a wide range of products. Handbags, purses, wallets, clothes and accessories, with cork unique products are possible. Cork can be sewn excellently and is therefore also suitable as upholstery material for upholstered furniture and seat cushions.

Similar to wood veneer, the cork material can be used as a decorative covering for furniture construction. It can be easily glued together and, depending on the stress, oiled, waxed or varnished.

The decorative properties of cork at a technically high level make this natural material a floor covering of high quality. Its soft and warming surface guarantees high comfort. The combination with underfloor heating is possible, its abrasion resistance and sound-absorbing properties are further advantages of this natural material. Cork also helps to reduce energy consumption.
Cork is optimally suited for a healthy living. Dirt- and liquid-repellent properties are particularly important for allergy sufferers.

A decorative and healthy solution are wall coverings made of cork. For all types of rooms, which combine the natural properties of cork and technical level. And wherever high-quality decorative material is expected. Cork can also be used as roller blinds, panel curtains and lamella blinds.

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Besides the warm character and the many trendy designs, there are very practical reasons for the wall design with cork:

abwaschbar - schallabsorbierend - staubabweisend - natürliche Haptik

Full-surface gluing, easy removal and simple cutting facilitate the new creative interior design with cork.

The wall coverings are available in lengths of 300/500m per decor with the roll length of 10m and a roll width of 53cm.


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